Greeting Address

  • “Dreaming of a new leap forward…”

    Since its establishment in 2002, the Korean Academy of Dental Science (KADS) has been recognized as a corporate entity by the Ministry of Health since 2017. It serves as a hub of convergence for dentistry in Korea, supported by 38 member associations that represent the core, interdisciplinary, and sub-specialty areas of the field. KADS has played a pivotal role in shaping the future of dentistry and has made significant contributions to the field’s academic advancement. These achievements have been made possible through the efforts, sacrifices, and service of numerous scholars. We extend our heartfelt thanks for their invaluable insights and efforts.

    Now is the time to establish a new dynamic for the second leap forward of KADS, positioning it to truly lead the future of dentistry.

    To achieve our goals, we propose and will proactively pursue the following visions.

    Understanding the founding spirit of the Korean Academy of Dental Science and making concerted efforts to strengthen its status.
    We will promote the successful establishment of sub-specialty and interdisciplinary associations within the KADS. Our efforts will focus on improving the stature of dentistry through the development of programs that proactively support activities. We will initiate purpose-driven projects in alignment with the academic pursuits of the Korean Dental Association, ensuring their objectivity. Additionally, we will oversee the quality of continuing education materials and improve memoranda of understanding (MOUs) and academic collaborations with both domestic and international dental organizations.

  • Strengthening excellence in public practice, including education, research, and academia.
    We will support a range of initiatives, such as establishing a roadmap for future dental technology, founding the National Research Institute of Dental Science to provide national-level development directions and research policies for dentistry, increasing R&D funding across ministries and the Ministry of Health and Welfare, operating (scholarship) funding to support basic dentistry researchers, developing and disseminating K-dental education content, and developing policy tasks and new medical technologies for oral health that will benefit the public.

    Actively promoting efficient administration and finance of the Korean Academy of Dental Science.
    To advance the field of dentistry, we plan to establish a regular consultative body comprising opinion leaders within the dental community. This body will be tasked with addressing key issues, including the dentist quota, clinical practice, the development of dental scientists, and the enhancement and quality management of both undergraduate education and clinical systems.

  • Emphasizing the “ethics of responsibility” for a stable future.
    We believe that emphasizing the “ethics of responsibility” is a natural direction that can show the identity of KADS as well as the efforts for its growth. For our role and vocation as a public organization, we will not neglect efforts to fulfill our responsibilities and service for the oral health of the public and society.

    Over the next three years, our executive members and association members will collaborate closely to maintain our esteemed reputation as an academic society. Together, we will confront the rapidly evolving landscape of dentistry and strive to both lead and adapt to these changes effectively.

    We look forward to your support and cooperation.
    Thank you.

  • May, 2023
    Kung-Rock Kwon,
    8th President of Korean Academy of Dental Science