Publication Regulations

Journal of Korean Dental Science Publication Regulations

Enactment: September 10, 2009
First amendment: August 28, 2019
Second amendment: December 8, 2023

Article 1 (Purpose)

This regulation governs all matters related to the submission, review, editing, and publication of manuscripts in the Journal of Korean Dental Science (hereinafter referred to as the “Journal”) of the Korean Academy of Dental Science (hereinafter referred to as the “Society”).

Article 2 (Supervision)

The editorial board shall be responsible for the review, editing, and publication of manuscripts submitted to the Journal.

Article 3 (Publication Method)

The Journal shall be published online four times a year (March, June, September, and December). Each issue shall be regularly published on March 30, June 30, September 30, and December 30. The publication of special issues shall be determined by the editorial board.

Article 4 (Manuscript Submission)

Manuscripts can be submitted at any time; however, they must be received by the editorial board at least 14 days before the intended publication date. All submissions must adhere to the Journal's submission guidelines.

Article 5 (Publication Article Type)

The articles published in the Journal include original articles, clinical case reports, review articles, and other general articles directly and indirectly related to dentistry.

Article 6 (Publication Principles)

The editorial board reviews the academic significance, logic, creativity, and ethics of the submitted manuscripts. Only those manuscripts that pass this review process are published.

Article 7 (Submission Method)

Individuals interested in publishing an article in the Journal must prepare their manuscript in strict accordance with the Journal's submission guidelines and submit it to the editorial board. Personally identifiable information must be excluded from the main text. Manuscripts should be submitted through the online submission system; submission via email is also acceptable.

Article 8 (Review Method)

The editorial board shall review the manuscripts submitted to the Journal in accordance with the review guidelines.

Article 9 (Copyright Transfer)

The Society owns all publication copyrights, including the content, graphs, and figures of the articles. All authors must submit written consent for copyright transfer. By transferring the copyright of their manuscripts to the Society, authors are deemed to have agreed to their publication.

Article 10 (Others)

Other matters not specified in this regulation shall be decided by the editorial board.

Supplementary Provisions (Implementation Date)

This regulation shall take effect on the date of approval by the Board of Directors.