The Korean Academy of Dental Science was established in 2002 to promote the academic development of the Dental Association, with the value of strengthening ties and mutual development and organic cooperation between each Academic Division.

The KADS has faithfully been performing its role as the main body that leads the present and future of dentistry in Korea until now.

Starting in 2002 with the first chairperson Jong-yeol Kim, the enthusiasm for the advancement of dentistry that has poured out by past presidents became the driving force behind the solid development of the Korean Academy of Dental Science, and the corporation was established on May 16th, 2017.

As a corporate body the Korean Academy of Dental Science, has plans to attract more diverse academic societies such as convergence societies based on linkages with other disciplines for new challenges to diversify the dentistry industry.

As a 21st-century organization, diversified academic activities will be a strong focal point for the growth of Korean Academy of Dental Science. Based on the current 35 Academic Divisions, we will accept detailed and convergence academic societies, as well as strengthen the link between industry, academia, and governmental research institutes and actively pursue a new leap forward.